We deliver your data how you want it, where you want it.

Streamline data delivery to your clients.

We do the work to connect to your current delivery method (API, FTP, etc.), and deliver your data in a variety of formats to meet your data consumers' needs, including cloud warehouses, analytics platforms, and data exchanges (e.g. AWS Data Exchange).

Accelerate time to revenue.

Empower clients with ready-made pipelines, making sampling and trialing your data easier than ever.

Expand operational support.

24/7/365 data operations and support desk to monitor all feeds, keeping you informed of issues and work with you collaboratively on remediation.

Ensure security and transparency.

Full turn-key entitlement control and operational dashboard on the health status of all your datasets.

Data delivery on Crux is


Deliver where you want, when you want. Fully integrated with various systems, Crux enables API, file, SQL, marketplaces, cloud warehouse, and other options.


Connect to high-performance, ready-made data pipelines to suppliers, enabling you to trial, onboard, and process datasets at scale with speed and ease.


Future-proof cloud infrastructure and in-house data operations team monitors all feeds, keeping you informed of issues and remediating with suppliers on your behalf.

A neutral utility to accelerate data operations and delivery for the financial services industry

Philip Brittan, Crux Informatics CEO